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Ancient Secrets

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Presence 2



Digital Collage

This is a digital series in which I merge the female nude with the landscape. The idea has evolved over time, with my first experiments for this being done years ago using oils on canvas. It was only ever something quite vague. I tried a few different things including projecting a landscape image onto a model. But I didn't really know what I was trying to achieve or how to move forward and I eventually abandoned the concept.

It wasn't until I started using photo-manipulation software and later video editing and experimenting with video art that I found the way. The process involves copying and cloning elements from a number of images, adding and removing and using various photo editing options. I also overlay photographs and film footage to produce images that are a blend. No two digital works are created in exactly the same way as each artwork evolves in a similar way to that of a oil painting.

My goal in this digital series is to express my passion for the landscape and to celebrate the beauty of the female form, creating a sense of mythology in each of the works.                   

Glenn Miller, 2016